Bimini Public Library, Bailey Town

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From the Commissioner's Report of 1937 we learn that there was a library established in Bimini that was used very 

sparingly by the inhabitants.  School children and American visitors were the most frequent users of the library

during this time.

In 1959, (also from Commissioner's reports), we find that the librarian was Miss Agatha Weech.  She was the

librarian until 1963 when she resigned and Miss Cheryl Cash took over. At this time the library was located in

Alice Town, North Bimini, in the Administration Building.

In 1975 the Commissioner reports that the library was open from 1-5 on weekdays and was administered by a

part-time librarian.  There were 1,700 volumes and 300 subscribers listed.                                                                                                                                         


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