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The Bahamas National Spelling Bee




Participating schools throughout The Bahamas – special, public and private institutions – test their students from as early as third grade and up to the eighth grade to discover the finest in spelling ability. On average, over 35,000 students participate in the testing. However, of the total students participating, approximately 24,000 are eligible to compete in the National Spelling Programme.


This year school groups competed at District Semi-Finals to produce District Winners: Eight (8) representing North and South Andros, Eleuthera, Exuma, Cat Island, Abaco, Long Island and the MICAL Districts; two (2) from Grand Bahama; four (4) representing the New Providence Districts; three students representing the Independent Schools (BAISS), one (1) from Associate Schools, and two (2) students representing Catholic Schools for a total of 20 participants for the final competition.


The ultimate prize and title of Bahamas National Spelling Champion is held by the one student who remains unbeaten when the final word has been given. Our top speller represents The Bahamas at The Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.


Past Winners

Dominique Higgins                  Jordan Prince William High School               1998-1999

Deshae Morley                        Grand Bahama Catholic High                       1999-2000

Britanny Wilkinson                   Freeport Anglican High School                     2000-2001

Denice Deveaux                      Grand Bahama Catholic High                        2001-2002

Kellen Knowles                        Home-Schooled                                            2002-2003

Joeanne Salise                        St. Georges High, G.B.                                 2003-2004

Joeanne Salise                        St. Georges High, G.B.                                 2004-2005

Chelsey Bipat                          Kingsway Academy                                       2005-2006

Anjanet Loon                           Grand Bahama Catholic High                        2006-2007

Anjanet Loon                           Grand Bahama Catholic High                        2007-2008

Robertha Dean-MCintosh       St. Francis De Sales Catholic School            2008-2009

Abeni Deveaux                        St. Augustine’s College                                 2009-2010

Yelena Persaud                       St. Francis De Sales Catholic School            2010-2011


Current Winner

Sujith Swarna                        Forest Heights Academy, Abaco                    2011-2012



For further information contact the Special Services Division of the Department of Education.


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