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National Library and Information Services is committed to providing access to quality resources and services for all persons throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in order to meet their intellectual, information and cultural needs; and to promote a spirit of sharing, cooperation and commitment to quality services among all stakeholders.

You can support National Library and Information Services by raising money in several ways:

  • Buying books:
    Buying books, donated items and materials that are withdrawn from the library.
  • Donations:
    Donations can be made in your name or the name of someone else as an honourarium to acknowledge a special event (Birthday, Anniversary, etc) or the memory of a loved one as a memorial donation.
  • Membership fees:
    Membership fees is one of the best ways to support National Library and Information Services. NLIS depends on individual private support to provide quality materials and services.
    By becoming a member of the library you will both support critical library programmes, as well as receive benefits and special invitations to events that only members can enjoy. Just click on the headings below to learn more about which membership programme is right for you.
  • Volunteering at the Library:
    Are you eager to help, support and enhance library services? Become a volunteer for National Library and Information Services and find out how you can help our libraries to strengthen our communities.

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