National Library and Information Services


National Library and Information Services emerged from Bahamas Library Service that began in 1999. Libraries existed as early as the 1800s in The Bahamas with the arrival of the Loyalists. Nassau Public Library was founded in 1837 and established by an Act of Parliament in 1847. On 10th March 2009, the National Library and Information Services Authority Act was passed. The National Library and Information Services main role is to unite  libraries in New Providence and the Family Islands into one modern, automated system offering quality, standardized services in all islands in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


To provide ready access to quality resources and services for all persons throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in order to meet their intellectual, information and cultural needs; and to promote a spirit of sharing, cooperation and commitment to quality services among all stakeholders.


To access a library system with a full complement of staff, possessing skills and competencies to meet the information and technological age of the 21st century.

Our philosophy is "Quality staff and service are hallmarks of good public libraries."

Motto: Information for Life

Theme: 'Libraries build Strong Communities and Change Lives'


Users have access to the following:

    • Book loans and other library materials
    • Inter-library loans
    • Children's programmes
    • Research tools
    • Newspapers and periodicals
    • Bahamian and West Indian materials
    • Internet services
    • Photocopying
    • Audio-visual equipment
  • Laminating services
  • Government documents, for example PSC 7 form.